Future Shorts

A still photo from Soul Mate
The Goth and the Young Woman - Savannah Hall and Chloe Norris. Photo by Bob Berry, St Ives.

Soul Mate - It's a Wrap!

The shoot took place in Madron graveyard, Cornwall in November, 2017 over three long, cold nights, with horizontal drizzle and the tail end of hurricane winds which hit in the early hours of the final night! The cast and crew were terrific, the atmosphere creative, focused and jolly good fun. Everyone worked hard. All the scenes got covered! Roll on the edit!

The story:

As the sun goes down over a graveyard, two lost souls meet by the entrance lych gate. Apparently strangers, a little digging reveals a more intimate connection as the Ghost confronts the Vampire who made her and forces her to acknowledge a mutual attraction.

When you're immortal, love is truly eternal.

A romantic comedy.


The Vampire (228) - A dark, handsome, sexy Goth with remarkably sharp teeth.
The Ghost (23) - Ethereal, pale and wan yet so much more than she at first appears.

Mermaids of Zennor

A 10 minute short film - to be produced in 2018.

Inspired by the famous Cornish tale, Mermaids of Zennor,  tells the story of a Choir Master whose beautiful singing voice attracts the attention of a mermaid. She is not the Choir Master's only admirer, however. Kerensa is the daughter of a fisherman, in whose cottage the Choir Master lodges. But the Choir Master has a secret. He is not all that he appears to be...

Mermaids of Zennor is a film about people being denied a voice, whether it's because they're a woman or Cornish language speakers.  Issues that are just as relevant today as they were in the days of Poldark.


The Choir Master (25) - a female Poldark.
Kerensa (21) - daughter of Jack. Has a crush on the Choir Master.
Loveday (19) - younger daughter of Jack.
Jack (45) - a fisherman, father of Kerensa and Loveday. A single parent.
The Mermaid (26) - blown ashore by the storm. Speaks the ancient Cornish tongue. The language of women.
A male voice choir/a group of men.
A young lad (18).


Zennor beach and clifftop
Fishermen's church and graveyard
Fisherman's cottage - living room and bedroom

If you are interested in participating in this exciting production, either in front of, or behind the camera, please send a message via the contact page.


A mermaid swims towards land, drawn to the sound of music.
Inside the church, the Choir Master sings.  His voice is beautiful.
Fisherman Jack chases his daughters out of the church.
The Choir Master sings on the beach, watched by the mermaid.
The Choir Master returns to his lodgings; Jack's cottage.
The Choir Master undresses.
The Choirmaster encounters the mermaid in the churchyard.
The Choirmaster daydreams he's kissing the mermaid.
In the cottage kitchen, Kerensa clocks the Choirmaster hurrying towards the beach.
The Choirmaster strips off his clothes and walks into the sea with the mermaid.
An angry mob follow Kerensa towards the beach.
Beneath the waves, the Choirmaster and mermaid swim together.